Upcoming events

    • 2 Mar 2021
    • 8:30 AM (UTC+11:00)
    • 3 Mar 2021
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Online or in person at Werribee

    Course: Food Drying Technology


    Date: March 2 - 3 2021

    Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm AEDT both days (Two day course)

    Cost: 10% discount for AIFST members

    REGISTRATION: https://www.fie.com.au/events/food-drying-technology-werribee or https://events.csiro.au/Events/2020/November/20/Food-drying-technology-short-course-2021


    Drying is one of the most frequently used operations across the food processing sector and is critical to the safety, quality and functionality of many food products and ingredients. However, it is one of the most energy-intensive processes and is often poorly understood and inefficient.

    This course aims to give participants an understanding of drying technologies commonly used across the food industry and how we can improve current processes and products, and design/select new systems that are safe, effective and efficient. The program combines the practical experience and in-depth technical knowledge of industry professionals and CSIRO. It was first run at Werribee in March 2016, and received very positive feedback from participants.

    On day 1 we present basic drying theory, and how the theory relates to practical application and systems currently used in the food industry. We go on to discuss water activity in foods and how it relates to both the quality/preservation of products and the efficiency of the drying process. Principles of psychrometrics will be combined with heat and mass balance techniques to analyse design and drying processes, demonstrated using practical examples.

    On day 2 we explain more advanced drying concepts, using case studies to demonstrate how drying curves can be modeled and predicted based on real data. Quality issues in dried products will also be discussed in more detail, and case studies presented to show how a range of drying processes can be improved.

    • 3 Mar 2021
    • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

    AIFST Virtual Member Update

    Date: Wednesday March 3rd

    Time: 5:00pm (AEDT)

    Presenters: Duncan McDonald (AIFST President)Fiona Fleming (AIFST CEO)


    This is an opportunity for members to hear an update on AIFST plans and activities for 2021. 

    We will share with you the 2021 – 23 Strategic Plan and an update on the CPD program and 2021 Convention.

    It is also your chance to ask questions of the AIFST team and to share your thoughts and ideas for AIFST.


    • 4 Mar 2021
    • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Via Zoom

    The AIFST Student and Graduate Member Networking session is an opportunity for all student and graduate members to have their say as to how they would like to further benefit from the institution.

    This event provides a platform for students to engage with each other and the AIFST to ensure we are providing appropriate and beneficial opportunities for our student members. 

    Students will be required to register for this event, with the session being conducted utilising the virtual meeting platform zoom.  

    AIFST values our student members and seeks to continually improve their overall learning experience, so come and join the session and share your your thoughts with us!

    • 9 Mar 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)
    • Via Zoom

    Date: Tuesday March 9, 2021

    Time: 1pm AEDT

    CPD Points: 1

    Overview: TBA

    Presenter: Belinda Chapman, Director, Quantal Bioscience

    Dr Belinda Chapman is co-founder and Director of Quantal Bioscience, a private company based in Sydney and specialising in microbiology research, including fermentation and microbiomics, as well as in science engagement and education. In collaboration with others, Quantal Bioscience has recently worked to establish a commercial co-manufacturing fermentation facility in Sydney. During her 25 year career Belinda has worked in microbiology research roles across industry and academia, including for The Sanitarium Health Food Company, Burns Philp, Arnotts, Macquarie University, the CSIRO, The Sydney Catchment Authority, Vitramed and The Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research, as well as for KPMG and the University of Tasmania. 

    • 25 Mar 2021
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+11:00)

    Webinar - Food and Mood - Use of nutraceuticals and adherence to dietary patterns in the management of mental health

    Date: Thursday March 25th 

    Time: 1:00pm - 2pm (AEDT)

    CPD Points: 1


    This presentation will include the findings from current studies relating to some of the nutraceuticals and bioactives as well as adherence to different dietary patterns that are used in the management of mental health. Some of the common nutraceutical approaches include green tea components (e.g. theanine and EGCG), curcuminoids and main anthocyanins found in blueberries. In addition, this presentation will also focus on the adherence to different dietary interventions (e.g. Mediterranean diet), their successes and pitfalls related to the improvements in the cognition and gut-brain axis.

    About Dr Nenad Naumovski (PhD, MAIFST)

    Dr Nenad Naumovski (PhD) is a Chef, Food Scientist and Molecular Nutritionist and works at the University of Canberra (Canberra, Australia) as Associate Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He leads a Functional Foods and Nutrition Research Laboratory (FFNR Laboratory) and holds academic conjoint positions as the Visiting Professor at the Harokopio University of Athens (Athens, Greece), Abertay University (Scotland) and University of Newcastle (Australia). Nenad has a strong research interest in the effects of food and nutrients on psycho-cardiological markers associated with healthy ageing.

    • 17 Jun 2021
    • 9:00 AM (UTC+10:00)
    • 18 Jun 2021
    • 4:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus

    University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus presents

    Sustainable Food Future Conference 2021

    Connecting community, industry and academia to create a sustainable food future.

    This conference will bring together researchers, students, and local industry professionals in the food science and nutrition space to showcase current research efforts developing the next generation of sustainable food and nutrition services. The conference will feature presentations from leading experts in food science and nutrition research, with topics including nutrition and consumer science, food waste and sustainability, functional foods, postharvest technology, and nutrition and food science education.

    The organising Committee:

    Dr Tamara Bucher, Dr Patrice Jones, Dr Soumi Paul Mukhopadhyay, Dr Emma Beckett, Dr Tim Kirkman, Dr Taiwo Akanbi, Dr Penta Pristijono, Dr Quan Vuong, Dr SP Singh, Prof Chris Scarlett.

    Call for Abstracts:

    The call for abstracts and EOI for themes are now open.

    To view the abstract submission requirements click here

    To submit your abstract or theme for consideration please click here.

    The call for abstracts will close on the 30th of April 2021 at 11.59pm. The call for themes will close on the 10th of March

    Contribution Formats: Oral presentation or poster/e-poster

    Themes may include but are not limited to:

    • Sensory and consumer science
    • Functional food ingredients
    • Sustainable food production
    • Nutrition science
    • Postharvest and food innovations
    • Food waste reduction and circular economy
    • Wine innovations

    Program: A detailed program will be announced in April 2021

    Tickets: Both Virtual and In-Person attendance options available

    • Standard In-Person Attendance – $195
    • Student In-Person Attendance – $90
    • Standard Virtual Attendance – $60
    • Student Virtual Attendance  $30

    Face to face registrations are limited to a total of 100 at this stage.

Past events

24 Feb 2021 Sharon Natoli: Communication Insights for Connecting with Consumers in 2021
16 Feb 2021 Technical Webinar: Allergen management insights and industry guidance
16 Feb 2021 FiE Webinar Series: Principles of Food Preservation
9 Feb 2021 NZOZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium
4 Feb 2021 AIFST Webinar: Codex HACCP Update 2020
2 Feb 2021 2021 AIFST Summer School - Virtual Event
3 Dec 2020 AIFST Virtual Christmas Party - Trivia Night
1 Dec 2020 Technical Webinar: SQF Edition 9 - Update
26 Nov 2020 AIFST 2020 Food Microbiology Conference
24 Nov 2020 WA EVENT - High Pressure Processing Technology: An Industry Insight
17 Nov 2020 Webinar - Food Safety Week: Food Safety – it’s in your hands
5 Nov 2020 Online Event: Vegan Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
29 Oct 2020 Whole Genome Sequencing for Better Public Health and Food Safety Outcomes - Session 2
28 Oct 2020 AIFST Members Event - Virtual Town Hall
28 Oct 2020 Whole Genome Sequencing for Better Public Health and Food Safety Outcomes BOTH SESSIONS
28 Oct 2020 Whole Genome Sequencing for Better Public Health and Food Safety Outcomes - Session 1
27 Oct 2020 Technical Webinar: Food Safety culture - what actually works?
22 Oct 2020 Technical Webinar: The Value of using Design of Experiments (DOE) in Food Product Development and Manufacturing
21 Oct 2020 Food Recall Workshop - Interactive Webinar
15 Oct 2020 AIFST Virtual Networking Event
14 Oct 2020 Webinar: High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) Plant-Based Meat Extrusion
8 Oct 2020 Food and Nutrition Science Career Evening
8 Oct 2020 FTAA Event: FTAA Hot Topics Webinar - Innovation Reset beyond COVID – Consumers, Science, SME’s and Processing
6 Oct 2020 AIFST/FIAL Webinar: COVID-19 and your workforce – Guidelines for the food processing industry
1 Oct 2020 Webinar: Fighting food waste for a sustainable food future- how is Australia performing?
29 Sep 2020 Webinar: Fighting Food Waste using the Circular Economy
29 Sep 2020 FiE Webinar Series: Principles of Food Preservation
18 Sep 2020 Careers Webinar: Career Paths in the Food Industry
17 Sep 2020 Webinar: Sharon Natoli - How to make immunity related health claims
16 Sep 2020 Webinar: Codex HACCP Refreshed 2020
10 Sep 2020 FSANZ Webinar: 2020 Hindsight - Lessons Learned and Opportunities for Better Food Regulation
9 Sep 2020 Technical Webinar: Practical real-world food fraud control measures
2 Sep 2020 Food Recall Workshop - Interactive Webinar
1 Sep 2020 Webinar: AFGC PIF V6.0 - #5 Q&A Open House
27 Aug 2020 AIFST General Meeting
21 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #6 FSANZ Regulatory Science Strategy
20 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #5 Celebrating Food Science & Technology as a Career
19 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #4 Celebrating Food Science & Technology as a Career
18 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #3 Celebrating Food Science & Technology as a Career
18 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #2 - Celebrating Food Science & Technology as a Career
17 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar: #1 Food Science Career Journey and the Future
17 Aug 2020 National Science Week Webinar Series - Full Registration for all 6 webinars
6 Aug 2020 AIFST Student Member's Get Together #4
5 Aug 2020 Careers Webinar: Getting Started With LinkedIn
30 Jul 2020 ILSI Webinar: Food System Resilience & Sustainability – Impact, Learnings & the Future Post-COVID-19 Pandemic
8 Jul 2020 AIFST 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony
8 Jul 2020 Webinar: Tasmanian Food Cluster Food Waste Report
2 Jul 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Convention - Day 4 Only (Food Security, Sustainability and Food Waste)
30 Jun 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Convention - Day 3 Only (Future Food Production)
25 Jun 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Convention - Day 2 Only (Health, Nutrition and Consumer Science)
24 Jun 2020 AIFST Virtual Wine and Cheese Trivia Night
24 Jun 2020 AIFST 2020 Young Members and Mentors Virtual Breakfast
23 Jun 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Convention - Full Convention Registration
23 Jun 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Convention - Day 1 Only (Food Safety)
22 Jun 2020 2020 AIFST Virtual Exhibition
16 Jun 2020 AIFST Student Member's Get Together #3
16 Jun 2020 Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) On-line Training Courses
10 Jun 2020 Webinar: AFGC PIF V6.0 - #4 Q&A Open House
4 Jun 2020 Technical Webinar: World Food Safety Day – Food safety, everyone’s business
2 Jun 2020 Technical Webinar: COVID-19 – Food Supply Chain Resilience
28 May 2020 Careers Webinar: Mapping your Career as a Food Safety Professional
27 May 2020 Metiisto Artisan Chocolate – Virtual Factory Tour
26 May 2020 FTAA Event: FTAA Hot Topics 2020 Online Event
21 May 2020 AIFST Student Member's Get Together #2
21 May 2020 Technical Webinar: VIRSeek SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Environmental Testing Solution
20 May 2020 2020 AIFST Annual General Meeting
14 May 2020 Technical Webinar: Food Security in a Novel World – Food Availability
13 May 2020 Technical Webinar: COVID-19: Risk Assessment in Reverse
8 May 2020 Webinar - AFGC PIF V6.0 - #3 Allergen Information (Section 3.2)
6 May 2020 AIFST Virtual Trivia Night
5 May 2020 Online Event: Food Labelling & Consumer Law
5 May 2020 AIFST Event: AIFST Virtual Exhibition Online Demonstration
30 Apr 2020 Technical Webinar: The Virtues of Remote Audits
29 Apr 2020 Technical Webinar: How to capture learnings and draw meaning from COVID-19
22 Apr 2020 AIFST Student Member's Get Together
20 Apr 2020 Technical Webinar: Food Security in the Novel World – Safeguarding Food
15 Apr 2020 Technical Webinar: COVID-19: FMCG trends & tips to gain a competitive edge during a crisis
14 Apr 2020 AIFST Webinar - The Food Industry Guide to Allergen Management and Labelling
6 Apr 2020 Technical Webinar: Food Security in the Novel World
3 Apr 2020 Webinar - AFGC PIF V6.0 - #2 Country of Origin (Section 2.2)
30 Mar 2020 AIFST Webinar: COVID-19 - How to deal with such an Unchosen Change
26 Mar 2020 Food Recall Workshop - Webinar
25 Mar 2020 The Virtual Lunch Room
23 Mar 2020 AIFST Webinar - Personal Food Safety in the time of COVID19
20 Mar 2020 Webinar - AFGC PIF V6.0 - #1 Ingredient Declaration (Section 2.1)
19 Mar 2020 Food and Beverage Processing Consultation Webinars
16 Mar 2020 AIFST Webinar - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) should food businesses and consumers be worried?
11 Mar 2020 AIFST Networking Night - SA
11 Mar 2020 Food Recall Workshop- SA
10 Feb 2020 2020 NZOZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium

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