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Macro Trends Driving the Food Industry - Phil Ruthven

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  • Macro Trends Driving the Food Industry - Phil Ruthven

Convention keynote speaker Phil Ruthven, futurist and founder of market research company IBISWorld, believes long-term exports are in danger and may require a major rethink of how and where we produce food. “Supplying food to 1.5 billion people in China and 1.3 billion people in India is a real challenge for Australia and one of the macro challenges we face over the next several decades,” said Mr Ruthven.

“It also brings a great challenge as to how we can have more reliable food supplies generated in Australia. Our country is infamous for its droughts, floods and lack of water. Rethinking agriculture and the way we value-add to our manufacturing – even relocating agriculture and manufacturing areas further north where there is more water – is something to be considered,” he commented.

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