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The 2023 AIFST Poster Competition is closed.

Thank you to all the entrants for including their posters below.

Please click on the poster image to view the clearer PDF version of the poster.

Thank you to the 2023 poster partner - SAFE QUALITY FOOD INSTITUTE

1. Significance of red seaweed Gracilaria in inhibiting the advanced glycation during Maillard conjugation of Amaranth seed protein

Submitted by: Rishi R Naik

2. Exploring the potential of exopolysaccharide- and flavour-producing strains to improve texture and flavour of plant-based milk alternatives

Submitted by: Wenkang Huang

3. Spray or Soak: Unleashing the Antimicrobial Power of Plasma-Activated Water on Beef

Submitted by: Koentadi Hadinoto 

4. From surfaces to safety: evaluating a lateral flow device for the detection of gluten from stainless steel wet and dry surfaces.

Submitted by: Prakash Nair

5. Effects of pre-roasting on structural and functional properties of pea proteins

Submitted by: Yanyan Lao

6. Biotransformation of phenolics and shifts in metabolomic outputs following in vitro colonic fermentation of mango peel fortified probiotic yoghurts

Submitted by: Hafza Fasiha Zahid

7. Sensory profiling and consumer acceptability of Burdekin plum fruit leather

Submitted by: Gengning Chen

8. Investigating Food Odour Cue Perception, Liking, and Wanting in Virtual Reality Versus Non-Virtual Reality Contexts for Space Applications

Submitted by: Grace Loke 

9. Reduced enrichment time and threshold testing for Salmonella spp.

Submitted by: Weijia Wang

10. Variations in antioxidant activity, phenolic and volatile profiles, and sensory attributes of tea-flavoured Chardonnay wine during bottle aging

Submitted by: Zijian Liang

11. Impact of the Quality of Buffered Peptone Water on the Detection of Salmonella spp. in Food

Submitted by: Weijia Wang

12. Effect of spray drying on structural modifications of casein micelles loaded with Aloe vera extracted anthraquinones

Submitted by: Uzma Sadiq 

13. Production of germinated protein extract and soy protein isolate with improved digestibility profile from high-protein soybeans

Submitted by: Muhammad Mustafa Abeer

14. Molecular characterisation of interactions between ╬▓-lactoglobulin and hexanal – an off flavour compound

Submitted by: Cameron Ince

15. Analysis of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) glucosinolates: a combination of high-performance liquid chromatography, mid-infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

Submitted by: Ali Ali Redha

16. A sandwich ELISA using novel monoclonal antibody, 2D4, for the detection of native and deamidated gluten

Submitted by: Tony Treloar

17. Comparative yields of antimicrobial peptides released from food proteins estimated by in silico methodology

Submitted By: Feijie Li

18. Novel grain flours blended with chickpea for quality improvement of pasta

Submitted By: Thu Hoa McCann

19. Development of new healthy oleogel as an alternative to current margarines

Submitted By: Subajiny Sivakanthan

20. Variability assessment of medium and long slender rice (oryza sativa) genotypes based on yield and quality attributing traits

Submitted By: Kamana Rayamajhi

21. Detection of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. in plant-based foods

Submitted By: Weijia Wang

22. Enzyme-extracted Okra Pectin as a Clean Label Emulsifier for Improved Stability of Oil-in-Water Emulsions

Submitted By: Ibukunoluwa Olawuyi

23. Phenolic compounds of Native Australian fruits, their bioactivities, bioaccessibility, and impact on the gut microbiome

Submitted By: Akhtar Ali

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