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The 2022 AIFST Poster Competition is now Closed

Thank you to all the entrants for including their posters below.

Please click on the poster image to view the clearer PDF version of the poster.

Thank you to the 2022 poster partner - ROSEWOOD RESEARCH

1. Phenolic contents and antioxidant properties of Australian seaweed extracts

Submitted by: Tharuka Gunathilake

2. Effects of sugarcane flavones and fiber on short-chain fatty acids production and gut microbiota profile during in vitro colonic fermentation

Submitted by: Yit Tao Loo

3. Determination of the nutritional composition of residues from an innovative food waste recycling system for utilization in aquafeed products

Submitted by: Krishmali Nipunika Ekanayake

4. Antidiabetic properties of nano encapsulated Coccinia grandis extract incorporated breakfast porridge

Submitted by: Vichakshi Sashenka

5. Physical and sensory effects of different emulsifiers and vegetable oils in model beverage emulsions

Submitted by: Jasmine Ngo

6. A Sandwich ELISA for the Detection of Oat Protein in Foods Including Other Gluten-Containing Cereals

Submitted by: Tony Treloar

7. The salivary microbiome shows a high prevalence of core bacterial members yet variability across human populations

Submitted by: Xinwei Ruan

8. Molecular recognition patterns between vitamin and different animal and plant based proteins explored through STD- NMR and docking tool

Submitted by: Ruchira Ghosh

9. Potential use of soy milk by-product as a wheat substitute for producing high fibre white bread

Submitted by: Philip Davy

10. Utilisation of banana peel as a functional ingredient in bakery products (cookies)

Submitted by: Ahmed Hassan

11. Simplifying the Detection of Egg Allergens in Heat-Processed Foods

Submitted by: Richard Newton

12. Novel pea/whey protein complexes cross-linked by microbial transglutaminase for ╬▓-carotene emulsion stabilisation

Submitted by: Woojeong Kim 

13. Can variation in wine preference amongst consumers be explained by salivary protein composition?

Submitted by: Jiaqiang Luo

14. Implementation of neural networks to predict process parameters in the ultrasonication-assisted Maillard conjugation of amaranth and seaweed polysaccharide

Submitted by: Rishi Naik

15. Combined effect of microwave and hydrothermal treatment on anti-nutritional factors, antioxidant potential, and bioactive compounds of plum (Prunus domestica L.) kernels

Submitted by: Mohd Aaqib Sheikh

16. Protective effects of prebiotic beta-glucans on non-alcoholic steatohepatitis aggravated by circadian disruption in C57BL/6J mice

Submitted by: Peter Chi Keung Cheung

17. The antimicrobial efficacy of native Australian essential oils against foodborne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms

Submitted By: Agnes Mukurumbira

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